01 | First But Not Last

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NextGen in Lodging launches its monthly podcast on Long Live Lodging’s platform by recognizing Women’s History Month.

NextGen in Lodging is an organization founded in 2020 by mid-career hospitality professionals with a goal to connect and share new streams of thought and innovation that will revolutionize the hospitality industry in the post-pandemic era.

This inaugural episode features three self-starters carving unique paths in the hospitality industry. Their ventures encompass hotel investment, management and education. The entrepreneurs tell how they altered business strategy and professional goals amid the coronavirus crisis. NextGen in Lodging co-host Davonne Reaves leads the conversation with Purvi Panwala of Panwala Property Management Corp. and CRC Construction Corp; Andrea Aguilar of Typsy and Preshift; and Kendra Plummer of Elise Capital.

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