024 | The Future of Almost Everything with Patrick Dixon


Patrick Dixon has been ranked as one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today by Thinkers 50. He’s often described as a Futurist keynote speaker, and he’s authored 16 books (650,000 in print in 40 languages) including Futurewise, SustainAgility, The Genetic Revolution, Building a Better Business, and his latest book, The Future of Almost Everything.

Patrick consults to multinationals on wide range of trends / strategic issues, across every industry, and keynotes at conferences on global trends in up to 4 countries a week (53 nations) – from 15 to 4,500 people in each group, for companies such as Google, Microsoft, General Electric, GSK, Siemens, Phillips, AT&T, BP, Prudential, and Barclays Bank.

He has contributed (keynotes / lectures) to Executive Education, MBA and many other programmes at London Business School since 1999, as well as to Open Programmes at six other business schools.

Patrick is Founder and Chairman of Global Change Ltd (trends and strategy consulting), Chairman of Virttu Biologics Ltd (cancer research biotech), and non-executive director of Acromas Health Care Ltd (Allied Health Care Ltd, Nestor Health Care Ltd and Saga Health Care Ltd).

In This Episode, Patrick Talks About:

  • What it means to be a futurist
  • Motivating your staff, and the mistakes that many companies that demotivate their employees.
  • How to amaze your guests by looking at the experience you create at your hotel from their perspective.
  • Understanding how your customer is feeling right now – are they exhausted from a long day of travel, stressed about a business meeting they have tomorrow, hungry, thirsty, tired?
  • Big data, and ways technology can enhance the customer experience.
  • Social media, reviews, and the truth about how Google ranks reviews.

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