027 | Actionable Performance Data: Knowing is Growing with Bobby Bowers


Bobby Bowers is the Senior Vice President of Operations for STR – formerly known as Smith Travel Research. STR is the leading global provider of competitive benchmarking, information services and research to the hotel industry. STR gathers performance data from over 50,000 hotels located in more than 160 countries, and those properties use STR products, such as the STAR Report or Hotel Survey, to benchmark their hotel’s performance versus a competitive set or market segment.

Bobby is a hospitality veteran. He’s been with STR since 95, and he oversees all aspects of STR client and customer service and support sales efforts. He is often the keynote presenter at international, national and regional industry conferences.

In This Episode, Bobby Talks About:

  • STR, the company, and the many services it provides
  • How their services work for both franchised and independent properties, and how independent owners can participate at no cost
  • The competitive set, what it means, and how to create the right competitive set
  • What you can do with that information to improve your property’s performance
  • Some of the misconceptions that hoteliers have about STR including costs and security

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