03 | Ben’s Friends: How a hospitality tastemaker is saving others from addiction

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Steve Palmer is founder of Indigo Road Hospitality Group, owner and operator of restaurants and hotels in seven U.S. cities. Palmer has won accolades for his various dining concepts. He’s the first to tell you he loves everything about the hospitality industry, especially people. In his transparency, Palmer also shares his battle with alcoholism and how it nearly killed his career and ended his life. In response to the death of a colleague who struggled with addiction, Palmer and fellow restaurateur Mickey Bakst established Ben’s Friends, a community of restaurant owners, managers, chefs and other workers who seek sobriety. Palmer tells how Ben’s Friends came to be because he wants to raise awareness of substance abuse in the F&B industry and let those who struggle with addiction know there’s acceptance and help. This session is part of Long Live Lodging’s special series called Happy To Be Of Service: Stories of hospitality giving back.

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