035 | The Price, Leverage and Efficiency Formula for Success with Peter Bhai


Piyush “Peter Bhai” Bhaidaswala is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SSN Hotels – a rapidly growing hotel management, development, and investment group in the Northeast. In just over 20 years, they have grown to oversee 14 select service and 3 developing hotels in over five states, representing brands such as Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Choice, and Wyndham.

Last year, Hotel Business ranked SSN Hotels #85 in their Top 100 Management Companies of 2014 report.

SSN Hotels is well known for achieving superior results in operating hotels because of their ability to blend the science of hotel management with the art of hospitality. It is a formula that works, producing outstanding results. Using the latest technologies from feasibility studies, to up-to-date budget variance reports, SSN can respond quickly and efficiently to a changing market. But even the most sophisticated information systems will not ensure successful results. That is where SSN’s combined talent and expertise make the difference. It is a winning combination for both guests and investors.

In This Episode, Peter Talks About:

  • Immigrating to the United States with his family in 1981 at the age of 13, and helping his parents operate a small motel outside of Atlantic City, NJ.
  • Going to school for engineering and working in that field for several years, then listening to that entrepreneurial voice inside that wanted him to do his own thing.
  • Quitting his day job, taking some time to evaluate his options, then going with what he knew best … hotels.
  • Buying his first property in 1994 – a distressed property that he turned around and sold just 4 years later at a substantial profit.
  • Scaling, and the mindset shift he had to go through from single to multi property ownership.
  • The steps he took to build the infrastructure required to support his growing portfolio.
  • Family values – the incredible support of his wife, and some of the character-building experiences he has provided his daughters.
  • A failure he experienced along the way, and the powerful lessons he learned from it.

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Peter Bhai

  • Email: peterbhai[at]ssnhotels.com

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