036 | Effective Networking through Touchpoints and Follow Up with Binita Patel


Binita is currently a Vice President with HMB Hotels based in Allentown, PA, focusing on the finance and asset management aspects of the business. Prior to returning to HMB Hotels, she served as a Manager at Ramsfield Hospitality Finance, and Associate Investment Manager at Beacon Hospitality Partners, both located in New York, NY.

Binita earned a Master of Management in Hospitality at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration with a concentration in Real Estate Finance & Investments, and a B.S. in International Business & Marketing from Drexel University. In 2008, she received the AAHOA Future Hotelier of the Year award, and she currently serves on the AAHOA Board as the Young Professional Director.

In This Episode, Binita Talks About:

  • Growing up in the industry and helping out with the family business.
  • Her experiences with Ramsfield Hospitality Finance and Beacon Hospitality Partners, and what it was like working in the finance side of the business during the recession.
  • Returning to HMB Hotels, serving as interim GM at one of their properties, and the renewed respect she gained for operations after doing that.
  • AAHOA’s Delegation to India in 2007, and how those connections she made with industry leaders continue to influence her today.
  • Cornell University, the incredible experiences she had there, and how that expanded her view of the industry.
  • Networking, why it’s important, ways to make a lasting impression, and how to nurture those relationships.
  • Service, why she’s involved and the impact she hopes to make.

Resources & Links

HMB Hotels
7540 Windsor Drive, Suite 206
Allentown, PA 18195
Phone: 610-395-7737

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