044 | Convert Your Guests Into Raving Fans with Rupesh Patel


Rupesh is the CEO of 3Hospitality and, and he operates award winning hotels in the Daytona Beach area. Known for his out of the box, innovative thinking, Rupesh has incorporated his marketing and design background into the hospitality industry to deliver simple ideas that bring smiles to guest’s faces and drive revenues for his hotels.

Rupesh regularly shares his passion for entrepreneurship, customer service and marketing on numerous industry websites, social media and blogs.

In This Episode, Rupesh Reveals:

  • Several ways you can connect with your guests to create a memorable experience, from business cards for ALL staff members, to personalized candy bar or water bottle wrappers.
  • How simple strategies and training catapulted his exterior corridor property to rank #1 in his market on Trip Advisor – simply by encouraging more reviews.
  • Several ways to encourage guest engagement and turn your guests into raving fans.
  • 3 tips for maximizing your LinkedIn profile to grow your network.
  • Innovative ways his hotels’ communicate local restaurants and attractions – that not only saves time for his staff, but also personalizes the experience for the guest.

If you want to convert your guests into raving fans, tune in!

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