047 | Hospitality Attacks: Tips That Could Save Lives with Eliza Selig


Eliza Selig is the Director of Communications for Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), a global professional association for financial and technology personnel working in hotels, clubs and other hospitality-related businesses.  She has been with HFTP since 1999, overseeing the association’s communications endeavors, including serving as editor/managing editor of the association’s journal The Bottomline.

HFTP produced a comprehensive report, ”Hospitality Attacks: Tips That Could Save Lives,” to prepare a hospitality property for a hostile attack. Available on, the piece includes a review of security assessments, staff training, response plans and active shooter response.

In This Episode, Eliza Talks About:

  • Why HFTP created the report, and what you can expect to learn.
  • Why hotels are referred to as “soft targets” and how that makes security at hotels challenging.
  • Security plans, and why there’s a high potential for a security emergency, even if the threat level is low in your area.
  • Performing a security assessment, and she provides several free resources available to hotels that can help you develop and implement a security plan.
  • Staff training – your hotel’s first line of defense – and how to develop a response plan to make sure your team is ready and well organized in the event of an emergency.

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