05 | Kind of a Surreal Moment

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After two broken legs cut his professional racing career short, Cory Falter turned his love of art into a career helping hotels and restaurants tell their stories. Cory’s evolution from ink aficionado to digital designer led him to explore the revenue possibilities of technology. Susan learns about Cory’s idea for increasing a hotel guest’s lifetime value by establishing relationships built on trust and extreme transparency.

Check out the “Little League” of Cory’s childhood at Barona Oaks here.

Learn more about Cory’s surreal episode of Hotel Impossible here.  Cory joins the show at 32:30.

Figure out what a Pee Chee folder is here.

See Cory’s “Funeral Home Impossible” logo treatment here.

Explore the Hollywood-type 2008 relaunch of the Riviera here and here.

Read and listen to more about hotel kiosks in the “Hotel Tech Goes Viral” report from Lodging Leaders episode 303 here.




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