050 | Jagruti Panwala for AAHOA Secretary


Jagruti has been active in AAHOA for over a decade, holding leadership positions since 2011 when first elected Female Director At Large, Eastern Division. Re-elected in 2014, she has also co-chaired the Women’s Hotelier Committee for five years and served on the Strategic Planning Committee for two years. She testified to Congress against proposed harmful labor laws. Her focus repeatedly has been getting more women, independent, and young hoteliers involved. In 2011, she received the prestigious Chairman’s Award of Excellence.

Her unique perspective about the concerns of members includes being a second-generation hotelier with “hands on” experience in all phases of management and operations. Her understanding of the marketplace is further shaped as President and CEO of Wealth Protection Strategies, an investment management firm founded in 1999.

Born in Surat, India, she lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

Jagruti is one of three candidates running for the AAHOA Secretary position in the upcoming Board of Directors election. I’m featuring interviews with all three candidates, asking each the same questions, to give the Lodging Leader listeners a sneak peak into where they stand on key issues facing our industry, and an opportunity to see a side of them you might not see elsewhere.

In This Episode, Jagruti Talks About:

  • Her current role on the board, how long she’s served, and why AAHOA is important to her.
  • Leadership and what she feels makes an effective leader. We talk about legislative awareness, how laws at the local, state and federal level can drastically impact our businesses, and her plan to encourage proactive participation by our industry professionals.
  • Relationships with franchisors, the need for more balanced franchised agreements, and how she plans to address accountability for the Franchisors.
  • The committees she has served on with AAHOA, which one she is most proud of, and why.
  • Vendors, the integral part they play in AAHOA’s financial stability, and her plan to strengthen relationships with them.
  • The challenges AAHOA has faced over the last couple years that threw the association into the spotlight, and what she did during this time to uncover the truth and make sure that AAHOA was protected.

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