055 | Wow and Win More Market Share with Ciara Feely


Ciara Feely is the creator of The Conference Converter System™ – a proven formula that shows hotels and venues how to win BIG in the Meetings & Event market by helping them to see their business from their client’s point of view.

Ciara helps venue teams to be leaders in the sales process and be in control. She believes it’s not about how the team wants to sell; it’s about how the client wants to buy. She shows hotels how to STOP SELLING (as Howard Feiertag taught us in episode 46), and how to build TRUST instead, because it’s the relationship the buyer wants – and that relationship will deliver more wins.

In This Episode, Ciara Reveals:

  • How to stand out and sound different; to be of interest to the client.
  • How to create your Power Sales Tools to make the competition irrelevant.
  • How to package and present your proposal to turn prospects to profits.
  • How to chart your Sales Surge and System and stop the leaky sales funnel.
  • How to WOW & WIN the hotel show around and double the power of your marketing spend.
  • The result when you implement her system – a steady stream of repeat clients and referrals.

Ciara has been an agent for 10 years, and a hotelier before that, and her Conference Converter System™ is helping venues grow their profits and increase market share.

To get the most out of this interview, download Ciara’s free action guide: “7 Simple Steps to grow your Venue’s Profits & Market Share – In the next 70 days.

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