058 | Shift Your Identity and Uplevel Your Consciousness with Rob Scott


Rob is a master coach known for hijacking people’s minds, rewiring their limiting beliefs, and leaving them completely transformed. Starting from a very difficult path, Rob overcame being abused as a child, being homeless and a battle with cancer, to reach a breakthrough in consciousness – he began to question his beliefs and shift his identity, and he now works with others to help them do the same.

In This Episode, Rob Reveals:

  • How our thoughts and beliefs are similar to a lens in that they deeply alter what we see. And, like a good lens, they’re very often invisible to us.
  • How our beliefs about ourselves, about the world, about what’s possible, etc. (which may not be true at all) form our identity.
  • Why a fundamental shift in consciousness allows us to consider whether our thoughts and beliefs are useful to us.
  • The self worth mindset formula some of us live by:
    Self Worth = Ability = Performance
  • How our fear of failure and/or success can lead to self sabotage.
  • Why family of origin limitations can provide a payoff for staying small.
  • Why will power is NOT how we for lasting habits and create change
  • That we are our past thoughts, past habits, and past behaviors, and if we continue to be that person, then we’re going to continue to get the results that person got.

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