061 | Convey and Leverage Your Sense of Place with Mark Glickman


Mark Glickman is an internationally acclaimed marketing and sales strategist, author, advisor to emerging companies, and professional speaker on topics including marketing, branding, sales and social media. Mark was selected as one of the “Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing” by Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI).

In This Episode, Mark Reveals …

  • How Green initiatives can unify your team AND drive sales.
  • What he learned from marketing resorts in Virginia, Mexico, and Hawaii, and how that applies to ANY property.
  • How he created MASSIVE publicity, from the worlds largest pumpkin promotion, to setting a guinness world record hitting a golf ball off a ski slope.
  • What he does when he first starts working with a new client, including several examples of major issues he uncovered, that the owners were completely unaware of.
  • How to play up on your Sense of Place, including leveraging the history, the culture, and the natural surroundings of your biggest inherent asset … your location.
  • The story behind his book, Marketing Paradise: Talk Stories to Learn From, and how it can help you.

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