067 | Creating Power Teams Through Accountability and a Positive Praise Culture with Peter Ivanov


Peter Ivanov is a Virtual Teams Expert, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach. He has 20 years of international experience leading Virtual Teams of 100+ people – spread across Eastern and Western Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa – and delivered outstanding business results. His Management System “Virtual Power Teams” has won multiple corporate awards.

In This Episode, Peter Reveals …

  • How to motivate your team spread across multiple locations and some of the mistakes managers often make.
  • Why fostering a personal connection within your team promotes engagement and contributes to improved professional performance.
  • How setting goals in a group environment based on your team members’ individual strengths, and using peer accountability, can drive even greater results.
  • Why creating a positive praise culture and setting an appealing team reward can lead to phenomenal results.

Peter prepared a FREE download exclusively for the Lodging Leaders community. The guide, 3 Common Mistakes in Managing Virtual Teams, goes even deeper into some of the concepts we discussed, and it includes some self-coaching questions that will help you improve team performance.

To get the most out of this episode, download the guide.

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“3 Common Mistakes in Managing Virtual Teams”

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