068 | Personality Driven Content Development with Glenn Haussman


Glenn Haussman hosts the No Vacancy podcast, a weekly on demand radio show, writes two columns per week for Hotel Management, contributes to USA Today, is a frequent keynote speaker and sought out lodging trends expert with near 20 years’ experience. Glenn is also frequently quoted in publications such as the New York Times and CNN.com.

In This Episode, Glenn Talks About

  • Launching Hotel Interactive Radio, the first podcast in the hospitality industry, back in 2010.
  • His interview with Mike Leven, and why that was one of the most memorable episodes.
  • Marketing and brand awareness, and different ways you can connect with your customers on a more personal, more human level.
  • Social media, and creating and curating valuable content that resonates with your clientele.
  • His new company, Rouse Media, the many services he offers, and his new show, the No Vacancy Podcast.

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