071 | Who: The A Method for Hiring A Players for Hotels with Geoff Smart


Geoff Smart, Ph.D. is co-author of the New York Times bestselling book, Who: The A Method for Hiring, which is ranked #1 on Amazon.com on the topic of hiring talented teams. He’s also Chairman & Founder of ghSMART, a leadership consulting firm with 12 offices in the U.S. and one in London whose mission is to use its expertise in business and human behavior to help CEOs, boards, and investors build valuable organizations.

Geoff earned a B.A. in Economics with Honors from Northwestern University, an M.A., and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, where he was mentored by Peter F. Drucker.

In This Episode, Geoff Reveals

  • The single biggest problem in business today: unsuccessful hiring.
  • The costs of making hiring mistakes, and why most people are bad at hiring.
  • How to create a scorecard, essentially a blueprint for success, which takes the theoretical definition of an A Player and puts it in practical terms for the position you need to fill. Scorecards include:
    • the Mission of the position – Why the position exists
    • Outcomes – What must be accomplished
    • Competencies – How you expect the hire to operate in the fulfillment of the job, and the achievement of the outcomes
  • How to generate a flow of the best candidates.
  • The four types of interviews, and how to ask the right interview questions to dramatically improve your ability to quickly distinguish an A Player from a B or C candidate
  • How to attract the person you want to hire, by emphasizing the points the candidate cares about most

I prepared a FREE detailed summary of the book, Who: the A Method for Hiring, and adapted it for the hospitality industry. The comprehensive 11-page PDF goes much deeper into the teachings we discuss in the interview, and it’s a great supplement for this episode.

If hiring A players for your hotels is important to you, download the book summary.

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