074 | Increase Hotel Profits Through Financial Leadership with David Lund


David is an international hospitality financial leadership expert who has held positions as a Regional Financial Controller, Corporate Director and Hotel Manager with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. David authored an award winning workshop on financial leadership, and he coaches hospitality executives, leads group facilitations with hospitality teams and delivers his Financial Leadership Training workshop throughout the world.

In This Episode, David Talks About

  • The concept of financial leadership, what it is, and how it can impact a hotel’s profitability.
  • Creating a financial communication system where the leadership team knows what is happening financially, and is plugged into the financial well-being of the hotel.
  • Why making agreements with your team, not setting expectations, is more effective in building commitment.
  • His financial leadership workshops, how they work, and how he’s able to guarantee a return on investment for his training.
  • Some practical, actionable steps hoteliers can take today to have an immediate impact on profitability.

David offered to share his e-book, The Seven Secrets to Increase Your Hotel Profits Fast, for FREE with the Lodging Leaders community. Click here to download the book!

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