08 | Emerging brands, innovative products signal new era of hospitality

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As the hotel industry shifts into a new era influenced by the coronavirus pandemic as well as the unleashing of younger travelers eager to get out and experience the world, new hospitality brands are emerging either in full or by creating new concepts within their traditional frameworks. In Episode 8 of NextGen in Lodging, host Chris Henry, an industry consultant, leads a discussion among three hospitality innovators who share what’s next for an industry in recovery. Guests are Judy Chen, vice president of development at Dream Hotel Group in Las Vegas, Nevada; Jorgan von Stienig, president of Paligroup Management LLC, West Hollywood, California; and Ángel Redondo Tena, vice president of real estate and business development at Jurny Inc. in Los Angeles.

NextGen in Lodging is a production of Long Live Lodging. Co-hosts are Davonne Reaves, Omari Head and Chris Henry, mid-career hospitality professionals and co-founders of Next Generation in Lodging, with a mission to support emerging leaders by spotlighting trends and issues in diversity, inclusion, sustainability and education.

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