08 | Justin Jabara: ‘We have to be a world-class employer’

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Justin Jabara took the reins as president of Meyer Jabara Hotels in Danbury, Connecticut, in March 2020. He rose to the challenge and led the company through a time like no other. Meyer Jabara Hotels grew during the pandemic year 2020 as it was able to clearly identify assets with business models that proved relatively resilient. Most of all, Jabara said, Meyer Jabara faced a challenge in recruiting employees, a new problem for the 44-year-old enterprise. In response, Jabara led a dramatic shift in the company’s thinking and practicality. The company can no longer be the best employer in hospitality, it has to be a world-class employer that competes for talent across all industry sectors.

Episode 8 of Lodging Luminaries features host Jason Freed talking with Jabara about the significant steps he and the company took to adapt and grow over the past 18 months.

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