081 | Building Commitment Through Clarity, Focus and Accountability with Susan Hasty


Susan is the CEO of 360 Profit Masters and the host of the Lucrative Leadership Conversations podcast. Her passion is helping business owners and CEOs improve their own clarity, focus and commitment to build more sustainable organizations empowered to make economic liberty a reality.

Susan is a member of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Network of International Leadership coaches, she is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and is a Strategic HR Business Partner by the Human Capital Institute.

In This Episode, Susan Reveals …

  • Why traditional performance reviews are flawed, and why they are as painful for management as they are for the employees.
  • The concept of “Organizational slack”, a measurement of excess capacity, and why feedback loops are critical to help organizations stay on course.
  • Why clarity around people’s jobs, experience and expectations is so important.
  • Why you can’t just demand accountability and commitment.
  • Why, for employees to be committed, they have to have role clarity, they have to know what the focus is, and everybody on the team needs to know who is accountable for what.

Susan prepared a FREE download for the listeners – the Role Results Matrix – that is designed to help mangers and employees gain role clarity. The download includes a blank matrix, and a completed sample for reference.  To get the most out of this interview, download the Role Results Matrix.

Download the Role Results Matrix

Designed to help mangers and employees gain role clarity

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