092 | Value-Added Amenities with Kate Price-Howard


Dr. Kate Price-Howard has 30 years experience in the fields of hospitality and commercial recreation. Her work experience includes recreation positions on board cruise ships, hotels, summer camps, psychiatric units, nursing homes, and serving as Director of Recreation for several Florida resorts.

In 2001, she founded Go Play, Inc., providing recreation consultation to resort and property management companies, corporate team building, and special events. She has taught more than 600 students that have come through her company as recreation interns.

Kate received a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Parks and Recreation Administration, with an emphasis and certification in Therapeutic Recreation, from Florida International University and went on to complete her PhD in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism from the University of Utah.

In 2013, she accepted a full-time faculty position with Troy University and teaches hospitality students all over the world in an online format. She teaches courses in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Hotel Management, Recreation Programming and Leadership, and Social Psychology of Leisure, Recreation Principles, and Revenue Management, Generation and Human Resources with the Hospitality Industry.

In This Episode, We Talk About

  • Commercial recreation – what it is, and why a property might want to add a recreation component to their existing amenities.
  • How a property can add a recreation component, even if they are not a destination-type location, and why that might be a good investment.
  • The costs, and why some properties choose to outsource versus staffing year round.
  • Her experience teaching hospitality 100% online, and how she is able to engage students from all over the world.
  • Mentorship – and how her mentor changed the course of her life.

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Kate Price-Howard

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Go Play Inc.

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