093 | Hospitality Education and Research with Dr. Joseph Hegarty


Dr. Joseph Hegarty M.Ed., Ed. D is an educator, author, and international consultant. He has 35+ years experience as a professional manager with innovative organizations including, international and local hotels in management/proprietorship, a full academic career in professional vocational & higher education institutions, and as a published hospitality & culinary education researcher.

He holds a Doctoral Degree in Education from University of Sheffield. A Masters Degree in Education from Trinity College Dublin and a Diploma in Hotel Management from Shannon College of Hotel Management.

He is Past Treasurer/President/Chairman of EuroCHRIE 1996-2000; Director-at-Large CHRIE International 1999-2000; Past Vice-President Association Mondiale pour la Formation Hoteliere et Touristique (AMFORHT) 1998-2001; Fellow of the Irish Hotel and Catering Institute (1994); Lifetime member of International Institute for Quality and Ethics in Service and Tourism (IIQEST) (since 1992) and Member of the Board of Senior Associates at International Washington-based Tourism Policy, Forum (1989).

In This Episode, Joseph Reveals

  • His hospitality journey as a second generation hotelier, and how he went from from managing hotels to teaching.
  • Hospitality’s links to the social, the natural sciences, and to the arts.
  • His passion for raising the status of culinary, gastronomy, and hospitality education, and his vision to have it recognized as a “proper academic discipline”.
  • His passion for hospitality research and challenging the status quo.

Resources & Links

Joseph Hegarty M.Ed

  • 311 | Shelters From the Norm: Hotels used for hospitals and housing face unexpected problems

    A year ago, Darshan Patel, CEO of Hotel Investment Group in San Diego, California, was one of the first hoteliers in the U.S. to step up and offer properties to overwhelmed hospitals seeking places to care for COVID and non-COVID patients as well as vulnerable populations. As the crisis eases and Hotel Investment Group works to return the hotels to business, Patel is negotiating with local governments to pay for the wear and tear on the properties. Patel is not alone as many hoteliers are unexpectedly dealing with problems that state and local governments’ urgent decisions have created, including property damage, increased costs and eviction bans. This report is the second in a two-part series examining the pros and cons of opening hotels to alternative uses during the pandemic. It is part of Long Live Lodging’s special coverage of the coronavirus crisis and its impact on the hospitality industry.

  • 310 | Hotels Convert to Housing: Federal COVID-19-relief funds fuel transactions

    Dhruv Patel, president of Ridgemont Hospitality, in October shared a bittersweet moment with his parents, Pravin and Sima Patel, when the family business sold the first motel that Pravin had built from the ground up more than 30 years ago. But they rest assured knowing it was the right decision because the 22-room property is being converted into affordable housing for military veterans at risk of homelessness. The transaction is among hundreds taking place across the U.S. as state and local governments work with non-profit agencies to create affordable housing solutions for vulnerable populations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In Episode 310 Long Live Lodging reports on the financial and legal aspects of what it takes to convert a hotel into long-term housing. This report is part of Long Live Lodging’s special coverage of the coronavirus crisis and its impact on the hospitality industry.

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