093 | Hospitality Education and Research with Dr. Joseph Hegarty


Dr. Joseph Hegarty M.Ed., Ed. D is an educator, author, and international consultant. He has 35+ years experience as a professional manager with innovative organizations including, international and local hotels in management/proprietorship, a full academic career in professional vocational & higher education institutions, and as a published hospitality & culinary education researcher.

He holds a Doctoral Degree in Education from University of Sheffield. A Masters Degree in Education from Trinity College Dublin and a Diploma in Hotel Management from Shannon College of Hotel Management.

He is Past Treasurer/President/Chairman of EuroCHRIE 1996-2000; Director-at-Large CHRIE International 1999-2000; Past Vice-President Association Mondiale pour la Formation Hoteliere et Touristique (AMFORHT) 1998-2001; Fellow of the Irish Hotel and Catering Institute (1994); Lifetime member of International Institute for Quality and Ethics in Service and Tourism (IIQEST) (since 1992) and Member of the Board of Senior Associates at International Washington-based Tourism Policy, Forum (1989).

In This Episode, Joseph Reveals

  • His hospitality journey as a second generation hotelier, and how he went from from managing hotels to teaching.
  • Hospitality’s links to the social, the natural sciences, and to the arts.
  • His passion for raising the status of culinary, gastronomy, and hospitality education, and his vision to have it recognized as a “proper academic discipline”.
  • His passion for hospitality research and challenging the status quo.

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Joseph Hegarty M.Ed

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