098 | Sex Trafficking at Hotels (and What You Can Do About It) with Jan Edwards


Jan Edwards is the founder and CEO at Paving the Way, an organization committed to ending sex trafficking in the U.S. through education and empowerment. Jan spent over 25 years in sales and marketing working with big names like Time Warner, Bright House, the UN and other international organizations, before taking on the worldwide initiative to prevent children from become victims of this silent crime.

She is the writer and producer of the award winning film; Trapped in the Trade that is used globally in business and educational programs across the country and believes this endeavor must start in our neighborhoods.

In This Episode, Jan Reveals

  • What sex trafficking is and some of the ways children are forced into this terrible situation.
  • The stats, and you might be surprised to learn that hotels and brothels are the number one places it occurs.
  • The signs to look for, the protocols to follow, and how to educate and empower your staff.
  • What you should do if you suspect that human trafficking is taking place at your property, not only for the safety of the child in question, but also for your other guests, your staff and yourself.

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