099 | Induction, On-boarding and Training with Rocco Bova


Rocco is a passionate hotelier and energetic entrepreneur with a remarkable career of over 20 years. He studied hotel management at Westminster College in London and Cornell University in Singapore, and he has worked in some of the finest, world class properties in amazing destinations spanning three continents. He’s led pre-opening, rebranding, and repositioning projects, and he’s recognized as a turnaround expert.

In This Episode, Rocco Reveals

  • Why the on-boarding process is important, and why so few companies get it right.
  • What should be included in the induction and on-boarding process, beyond simply filling out necessary paperwork, and Rocco shares examples of how to make an amazing first impression with you new hires.
  • What works best for initial training, and how training has evolved over the years.
  • How rewards and recognition can improve employee retention.
  • Why spending the time upfront to properly develop your associates can help you get the most value out of them, even if they’re only with you for a short term.

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