104 | Hotel Bids that Fill Last-Minute Rooms with Inder Sharma


Inder Sharma is a visionary, a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor and an environmentalist seeking practical solutions to everyday life problems. He has founded 15 companies over the last 20 years varying from hospitality solutions, to energy efficient lighting, to power generation. Inder founded Hotel.com in 1996 and sold it in 2001. He founded hotelsupplies.com which became the platform for chicebuys.com. He founded medibuy which went public in 2001 with a valuation of $1.5B. Inder has been associated with AAHOA for over 23 years and has been part of it’s growth since 1993. 

Inder finished his Bachelor of Science from Kurukshetra University, India, and later attended post graduation program in Botany. He also volunteered to teach entrepreneurial classes at Marshall School of Business at USC, Los Angeles, Calif, in early 2000. Mr. Sharma has also been involved in philanthropic projects in India. He is married with two kids and lives in Anaheim, California (USA).

In This Episode, Inder Reveals

  • How his company, HotelBids.com, is a promising alternative to the traditional OTAs, allowing the consumer to bid on the amount they want to pay, while putting the power back into the hotel’s hands to accept or decline that offer.
  • How he got the idea for the company, his vision, and how it is different from other OTAs, including a flat rate for commissions that’s significantly lower than the competition, and no contracts.
  • How he plans to compete with the billion dollar OTAs, where his funding is coming from, and his funding strategy moving forward.
  • His philosophy on who owns the customer in their transaction … one I wish other OTAs and Franchisors would embrace.

Resources & Links

Inder Sharma

  • inder.sharma@ibos.com
  • LinkedIn
  • USA: 1+ 714 759 7017
  • India: +91 9643970016


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