106 | Biran Patel for AAHOA Secretary


Biran has been an AAHOA member since 2001, Lifetime Member since 2008, and proactive leader since 2010. He now serves as North Texas Regional Director and previously was an Ambassador.

Under his leadership as Regional Director, North Texas repeatedly achieved record highs in PAC contributions, Lifetime Members, and paid members.

Currently, he serves on the Strategic Planning plus Membership Committees. He has served on the Sponsorship; Independent Hotelier; and 2017 Annual Convention Site Selection Committees.

When elected Secretary, he intends to continue AAHOA’s momentum, notably in the three key areas of advocacy, industry leadership, and membership/benefits.

A second-generation hotelier, he started learning hospitality as a teenager while his family lived at the hotel they owned. Today, his portfolio includes both branded and independent hotels.

He has been on the board of the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association since 2014 and earned his degree in finance from the University of Texas, Austin.

In This Episode, Biran Talks About:

  • His current role on the board, how long he has served, and why AAHOA is important to him.
  • Leadership and what he feels makes an effective leader.
  • Legislative awareness, how laws at the local, state and federal level can drastically impact our businesses, and his plan to encourage proactive participation by our industry professionals.
  • Relationships with franchisors, the need for more balanced franchised agreements, and how he plans to address accountability for the Franchisors.
  • The committees he has served on with AAHOA, which one he is most proud of, and why.
  • Vendors, the integral part they play in AAHOA’s financial stability, and his plan to strengthen relationships with them.

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