107 | 15 Successful Habits of an Awesome General Manager with Rupesh Patel


Rupesh is the CEO of 3Hospitality and SmartGuests.com, and he operates award winning hotels in the Daytona Beach area. Known for his out of the box, innovative thinking, Rupesh has incorporated his marketing and design background into hospitality industry to deliver simple ideas that bring smiles to guest’s faces and drive revenues for his hotels.

In This Episode, Rupesh Reveals 15 Successful Habits of an Awesome General Manager, including:

  1. Listen to your staff
  2. Share your knowledge
  3. Collaborate
  4. Dedicate 30 minutes each day to reading industry news
  5. Ask for help
  6. Don’t pretend that you know everything
  7. Motivate people
  8. Welcome criticism
  9. Get to know your staff on a more personal level
  10. Give credit where credit is due
  11. Don’t micromanage
  12. Keep the interest of the hotel in mind
  13. Project a service-oriented attitude
  14. Embrace change, and
  15. Be a great communicator

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