11 | Swedish Pastry Dreams

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Although she still dreams of the Swedish pastries from her first job, Tracy Judge has both feet firmly planted in the realities of the modern events business. Tracy’s journey as a freelance economy platform entrepreneur has led her to explore how the soft skills planners cultivated in live events can smooth the way and soothe the anxieties of a shift to virtual and hybrid meetings. Susan learns about how Tracy evolved her company to meet real-time needs and tripled her community along the way.

If this episode gave you Swedish pastry dreams, too, here’s a recipe for the biskvi that Tracy described. YUM.

The two freelance companies that Tracy looked at as she was building Soundings were Upwork and Toptal.

Here’s a report that McKinsey put out about how women left the workforce during C19.

Here is Excalibur, where Tracy was staying when she missed her flight, and Luxor, where she ran into “diaper” issues.

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