11 | Tracy Kundey: Everwood Hospitality operations chief urges industry to solve business challenges ‘in a different way’

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Although Tracy Kundey has several decades of experience in the hospitality industry, he’s not one to look back. You can’t change history, he says. And that goes for hotels that lost business during the coronavirus pandemic. The only direction to go is forward. Everwood Hospitality Partners in August enlisted Kundey to direct its operations and lead it toward future success. Kundey likes the challenge of growing companies from small to great. He helped take Hersha Hospitality from a few properties to a publicly traded REIT with more than 30 hotels. In the years following, he’s succeeded in significantly growing the portfolios of other ownership groups.

In Episode 11 of Lodging Luminaries, host Jason Freed talks with Kundey about the steps he and Everwood are taking to not only get to the other side of the economic downturn but to grow Everwood into an industry powerhouse by deploying technology to manage profitability and getting creative with delivering on guest services while seeking out opportunistic deals. Success today is a matter of ‘looking at things differently,’ he said.

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