114 | What You Need to Know About Hotel Data Security with David Durko


David Durko is Founder, CEO and Chief Compliance Officer of Security Validation, the Hospitality Industry’s leading Managed Security Provider.

Prior to founding Security Validation, David was responsible for navigating Wyndham through their data security challenges culminating in Wyndham’s first successful PCI Compliance Filing in 2010. David continued to work with Wyndham achieving compliance again in 2011. During this period David was responsible for Security Compliance and Management of Wyndham’s portfolio of more than 6,000 franchised / owned and managed properties.

Following Wyndham, David became the Senior Vice-President of Incident and Crisis Management for MasterCard Worldwide. In this role David worked with this Global Brand to assist merchants who were dealing with Data Security issues.

In This Episode, David Reveals:

  • What PCI Compliance is, why some hoteliers are just now starting to address it, and who is responsible for it – the hotel or the brand.
  • What EMV / Chip and Pin technology is, and how it relates to PCI Requirements for the property.
  • Some of the recent high profile data breaches, including Sabre Synxis and IHG, and how the IHG Data compromise differs from what we have seen in the past.
  • What you can do to protect your hotel, what kind of fees you can expect, and the ROI for that investment.

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