115 | Create More Human Digital Relationships to Drive Direct Bookings with Hannah Béraud-Hindi


Hannah is the founder & Chief Emotionist(e) Officer at Hannah Béraud Digital Communications. She helps hotels, restaurants and travel companies create more human digital relationships to drive direct bookings and supports them in their digital transformation. Thanks to a network of partners with expertise in the communications, branding, technology & hospitality sectors, they create multi-dimensional, measurable and strategic solutions adapted to their clients’ resources and objectives.

Hannah earned a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management & Marketing from Glion, and a Masters in PR from London College of Communications.

In This Episode, Hannah Reveals:

  • The trends and challenges in the hospitality industry at the moment as they relate to the rise of technology and digital tools.
  • The classic mistakes hoteliers makes when it comes to digital communications.
  • How a digital communications strategy can help a hotel compete in the market, and the consequences for a hotel if there is no strategy in place.
  • The top 5 digital communications trends for this year.
  • The first steps a hotel should take when it comes to beginning their digital communication transformation.

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