116 | Take Ownership of Your Business with Kelly Harvel


Kelly Harvel, CHA is a life long hospitality professional with experience in all levels of the lodging industry, from local operation to national branding. He currently serves as President/COO of V&S Hospitality Management – a Full Service Hotel Management Company with a focus on operational customer excellence based in Palm Harbor, Florida.

In This Episode, Kelly Reveals:

  • His 98/2 philosophy for guest service – that 98% of your guests are honest, forthright people who just want us to get it right; it’s the 2% that want to get something for nothing. The key is to focus on the 98% and ignore the 2%.
  • His view on why the hospitality industry seems slow to adapt to changes in technology, and where tech is headed for hotels in the future.
  • The importance of staff training and on-boarding, and generally speaking, whether hotels are doing enough to set their teams up for success.]
  • Some of the common pitfalls that hoteliers face today, and as you heard in the opening soundbite, taking responsibility for your business … it is NOT the brand’s responsibility to be successful for you; you have to do your part.

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