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Last month, I featured Ron Whitfield and Dr. Kate Price-Howard, and we took a deep dive into How to Create an Awesome Internship Program. Click here to listen to that episode.

This is part two in the hospitality internship series.

Today’s guests are ResortQuest Interns Jordon Bonner, Nick Delaney, Allison Johnstone and Yaminah Cummings, and their Internship Advocates Ron Whitfield and Dr. Kate Price-Howard.

In This Episode, the Interns Reveal:

  • How they learned about the internships, what attracted them to this opportunity, and whether the information provided was different from their expectations.
  • What they learned during their internship experience, from job-specific training to hospitality mentoring, and they share what they liked most, and what was most challenging for them.
  • Whether housing was an important factor, how it worked, how much they paid, and what they thought of the whole roommate situation.
  • Their future plans, and one of the interns reveals their opportunity to transition to a full-time ResortQuest employee.

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