124 | A New Generation of Lifestyle Hostels with Rafael Museri


Rafael Museri has over fifteen years of experience in international real estate development. Eight years ago, Rafael moved from Tel Aviv to Panama City, Panama. In 2008, he founded the Dekel Group where his knowledge and expertise have been invaluable in the aggregation of Dekel’s extensive portfolio of real estate assets. Rafael’s vision has facilitated the growth of Dekel and its team – it took Rafael three years to find the village of Pedasi through careful research and then he found the correct team to help take his imagination and turn it into reality. He is the founder and CEO of Selina, a rapidly growing, new generation of lifestyle hostels with 13 locations in Latin America. His personal and successful business record has drawn a lot of successful business groups with great influences to invest in his company.

In This Episode, Rafi Reveals:

  • The inspiration for Selina, how was the idea born, and where it all started.
  • Their target demographic, digital nomads ages 20-35, and why he believes their product is such a good fit for them.
  • What makes Selina different than other hostels in the hospitality industry, including Summer Camps, Retreats, Educational Programs, Eco-Tourism and more.
  • The positive effect their Hospitality Academy has had on Selina employees and interns.
  • Why social responsibility is important to them, how they get involved in local communities, and the steps they take to ensure that they have a positive impact wherever they choose to develop.

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