125 | 7 Steps to Transform Your Customer Experience Micro-Moments with Tony Bodoh


Tony is a #1 best-selling author, international speaker and the founder or co-founder of five companies ranging from customer experience consulting to small business training to television production. Tony’s research in the area of human experience has helped companies improve their sales, marketing conversion and customer satisfaction. As a certified Mental Performance coach, he has trained Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, professional athletes and executives how to use their mind and emotions to achieve peak performance. Tony received the Award of Excellence from the Life Mastery Institute for his coaching.

Tony’s started his career in hospitality as a housekeeper during high school. He later joined Gaylord Entertainment and built the analytics practice for the hotel and entertainment divisions. Tony revolutionized how Gaylord designed their hotels, most notably, Gaylord National near Washington, DC. He then rebuilt the guest and meeting planner experience programs to help the brand achieve record satisfaction scores during the economic downturn in 2008-2009. Now Tony consults with award-winning brands and startups to craft their customer experiences in a way that drives sales and profitability.

In This Episode, Tony Reveals:

  • His recent LinkedIn post, 7 Steps to Transform Your Customer Experience Micro-Moments in 30 Days.
  • What micro-moments are, and he provides some real-world examples for hotels.
  • How to audit your feedback from customers who gave you a less that perfect score to identify clusters of themes around touch points, and then selecting clusters that involve processes that provide nearly immediate feedback.
  • Why going on the customer journey, exactly as the customer would, is important.
  • How to find micro-moment(s) during the customer journey that set false expectations AND that have a measurable negative impact on behaviors, and then transform those micro moments so they set appropriate customer expectations that can be met in an excellent manner consistently by your company.
  • That you should monitor and measure results so you can make adjustments where necessary.

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