13 | Mitch Patel: Vision Hospitality Group having ‘robust conversations’ with brands as company restructures and launches management division

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Mitch Patel, president and CEO of Vision Hospitality Group, is repositioning his 25-year-old company to identify and execute on new opportunities to grow its new management subsidiary, Humanist Hospitality. After forming Humanist in early 2019 to manage VHG’s boutique and lifestyle hotels, the company in September announced a shift in strategy in which Humanist is managing all of VHG’s assets as well as seeking third-party agreements. In Episode 13 of Lodging Luminaries podcast, Patel shares the reasons behind the move, including teaming up with real estate developers in mixed-use projects. He also talks about how he’s parlaying his close relationships with hotel company CEOs and other top executives to redo brand standards and rewrite such things cancellation policies to increase profitability for all owners.

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