131 | Let’s Rock the Hotel with Holly Arora


Born and raised in Rhode Island, Holly began her hospitality journey at the age of 13 as a housekeeper. Like many hoteliers, she slowly worked her way up through the ranks. By the age of 30, she was managing a hotel, and by 33, she became the General Manager at a Hampton Inn. Today, Holly is a full time mom and chief educator at Lets Rock the Hotel.

In This Episode, Holly Reveals:

  • Her favorite customer success story, and she shares a difficult guest situation and how she dealt with it.
  • Some tips on how hotels can maximize their revenue strategies, what key metrics she looks at, and in her opinion, where the GM come into this picture.
  • How hotels can gain more brand-loyal customers, even when the guests comes in via an OTA.
  • Something she sees hotel managers and owners getting bogged down with that they could easily delegate, but choose not to.
  • Her course, lets rock the hotel, which is a 9-module program for aspiring hotel general managers on how to effectively communicate, delegate and manage priorities to achieve management success.

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