135 | Hospitality Recruiting Best Practices with John Carpenter


John Carpenter has been in recruiting for 7 years, two years of recruiting semi-pro/college basketball players, and 5 years in the hospitality industry. He currently serves as Hotel Division Executive Recruiter and Vice President of Operations at Snelling Hospitality in Akron, Ohio.

In This Episode, John Reveals:

  • What you should expect when working with a good recruiter, both as a candidate and as a hotelier, why transparency is so important, and what separates a good recruiter from an average or bad one.
  • How working with a recruiter could actually be the way to YOUR next job.
  • Best practices for dealing with candidates, what he looks for when vetting candidates for a hotel client, and why the candidate AND employee experience is just as important as the guest experience.
  • The prices you can expect to pay for Snelling Hospitality’s executive recruiting services.

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