138 | The Business Case for Case Goods Refinishing with Robert Wallis


Robert Wallis is Director of Sales and Operations at Case Goods Refinishing. He came from a family of academics, but 25 years ago, after completing a master’s degree, he realized his passion was not in academics, but rather in working with his hands. He believes the predominant industry practice of letting case goods and public area wood furniture steadily deteriorate to prematurely end up in a landfill neither makes sense environmentally nor as a hospitality best practice. To keep case goods looking great all the time, and to extend their lifespan, is both attainable and fiscally responsible. It was this conviction that led Robert to develop, over five years, the green processes and business model that makes this possible.

Robert grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, graduated from The University of California at Berkeley in 1983 and earned a master’s degree from Regent University in 1990.

In This Episode, Robert Reveals:

  • What case goods are, how often hotels typically purchase or replace them, and other areas of a hotel where refinishing makes sense.
  • How case goods are typically maintained in hotels, and how those solutions can reduce the quality and longevity of the products.
  • The process of case goods refinishing, whether the repairs are noisy or create toxic fumes, and generally speaking, how long until they can sell their newly refinished rooms.
  • The consequences for not maintaining case goods, how brands often treat this area, and whether a lack of attention on case goods can lead to lower scores and ultimately lower profitability.
  • The general costs per room for case goods refinishing, and how that compares to the cost of replacing them.

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