14 | Josh Ramsey: Deploying revenue management technology without right people is ‘handing a machine gun to a monkey’

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Josh Ramsey is founder and managing principal of Prosper Hotels in Dallas, Texas. It’s a revenue-management company formed during the COVID-19 pandemic. If it’s true that opportunity is borne out of crisis, then Ramsey and his cohorts might be at the start of something big. Comprised of former executives at Hilton who found themselves unmoored in the early days of the coronavirus crisis, the team at Prosper Hotels believes it can draw on its collective expertise in pricing strategies and customer experience to navigate small to medium-sized hotels to profitability now and post-pandemic. In this episode of Lodging Luminaries, Ramsey talks about how he moved quickly to onboard seasoned experts in revenue management, the importance of remaining hands-on even when deploying technology and how providing great customer experience influences revenue growth.

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