143 | Artificial Intelligence for Labor Management with Nigel Beck


Nigel is CEO and Founder of When Labs: artificial intelligence for augmenting management, driving compliance, employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Nigel’s passion for HR and management comes from over two decades of building and managing teams from two to thousands around the globe, and led to his acquisition of Kenexa, a human capital management company, the 6th largest acquisition IBM had ever made.

Nigel is a proven leader and innovator. As founding CTO of Footprint Software, a fintech startup, he engineered the largest retail banking system of its kind, building the fastest growing startup in Canada at the time, which sold to IBM. There, he architected IBM’s entry into Open Source software, making IBM the first major corporation to embrace Linux and Apache, and was founding product line manager for their most successful organic software product of the last two decades, WebSphere. Along the way, he founded one of the earliest commercial bot companies, liketribe, which used artificial intelligence and social graph data to provide personalized recommendations.

In This Episode, Nigel Reveals:

  • The vision behind his company, Whenlabs, the problem they’re solving, and who they serve.
  • What digital managers are, the benefit they offer hoteliers, and Nigel gives a couple examples of things a digital manager can fix.
  • How their software connects within the existing technology at the property, how it works, how hard it is to use, and whether receiving direction by a digital manager feels inhuman to your staff.
  • The cost for their services.

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