149 | Get More Bookings with Less Effort with Lynan Saperstein


Luxury marketing strategist, Lynan Saperstein guides boutique hotels and resorts to get more bookings and generate more revenue with less effort in less than 3 months by catapulting client’s ideas into growth + profit through her digital marketing agency, Experience Experts. Our expertise is stunning high-converting websites, traffic-driving social media & domination in your regional and price-point marketplace.

In This Episode, Lynan Reveals:

  • How her digital marketing agency, Experience Experts, is different than other marketing or branding companies.
  • When it’s a good idea to invest in marketing support, what type of ROI you can expect when outsourcing marketing support in general, and her process when she meets with a new client.
  • How to identify your ideal customer avatar, and some of the classic mistakes hoteliers make when it comes to marketing.
  • The price range for her services.

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Lynan Saperstein

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