150 | Real-time Integrated Communications for Hotel Operations with Adria Levtchenko


Hotel technology entrepreneur Adria Levtchenko is CEO and Co-Founder of PurpleCloud Technologies, whose flagship product, Cielo, is a software platform that provides real-time access to data and analytics for operational associates and managers in the hotel industry.

Under Levtchenko’s tenacity, creativity and guidance, Cielo has become a mature task management and data platform with proven capabilities and cost savings for major hospitality entities.

Prior to forming PurpleCloud Technologies, Levtchenko was Sales Manager for the Cherry Hills, NJ Residence Inn and held multiple operational positions at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott.

Levtchenko attended the Hospitality Program at Drexel University and earned from the school a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

In This Episode, Adria Reveals:

  • The vision behind PurpleCloud Technologies and their flagship product, Cielo, what it is and how it works.
  • How they’re different than other task management/operations platforms currently on the market, how intuitive the platform is, and how features like multi-language support are improving communication.
  • How Cielo integrates within the existing technology infrastructure at the property, and whether integration is required.
  • A few examples of tasks that Cielo can handle well, and some actionable advice, even if you don’t use their product.
  • What the price range is for their services.

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