151 | Online Influencer Booking, Campaign and Relationship Management with David Gabriele


Technology entrepreneur David Gabriele is Founder and CEO of Swayy, the world’s leading Influencer booking and campaign management website in the hospitality industry.

Swayy changes the way leisure businesses worldwide market themselves. Venues enjoy increased bookings, loyalty and brand awareness through targeted, scalable influencer marketing. Venues can find, evaluate, book, pay for and review the most influential people on social media to promote them.

In This Episode, David Reveals:

  • The vision behind Swayy, what it is, how it works, and who their ideal customer is.
  • The power of influencer marketing as a channel, how a hotel gets paired up with the right influencers, how Swayy vets the influencers, and how a hotel can ensure that the messaging their influencers are using is consistent with their branding.
  • A strategy you can try immediately to experience the power of influencer marketing, even if you don’t use their service.
  • The price range for their services.

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