152 | Total Revenue Management with Lily Mockerman


Lily Mockerman is Founder, President and CEO of Total Customized Revenue Management.

Lily is a dedicated and passionate leader in the Revenue Management Field with well-honed analytical skills, experienced foresight, technical savviness in many hotel systems, and the ability to clearly communicate vision and strategy for her clients and team. After earning a B.S. in Hotel Management from Johnson & Wales University, Lily’s career encompassed a variety of roles and responsibilities, including experience with Hilton, Starwood and the independent hotel space.

In This Episode, Lily Reveals:

  • What revenue management encompasses, and what total revenue management means to her.
  • How Big Data and profitability optimization can help you improve revenues.
  • How to optimize your profits, analyze the true value of each channel, and strategically work with the OTAs.
  • What resources are available for hoteliers looking to dig a little deeper into total revenue management.
  • What you can do if you don’t have the manpower or knowledge to manage all of this on your own.

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