158 | 3 Key Elements to Being an Effective Leader with Gary Douglas


Gary Douglas is an investor, a business owner, and a multi-millionaire. He’s also a psychologist, and a sought-after international speaker who empowers people to know that they are the source for creating a life that goes beyond the limitations of popular beliefs and conditioning. Gary founded Access Consciousness® 25 years ago – a $10M+ global movement which is now practiced in over 173 countries, which advocates a more human focus to business life as the only way to sustainable financial success. He’s written several best-selling books on finance and business including, Rich Riches for You, Beyond the Utopian Ideal, and Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are.

In This Episode, Gary Reveals …

The three key elements to being an effective leader in today’s modern workplace, including:

  1. Be interested, not interesting
  2. Encourage failure in your staff
  3. See beyond job titles

And, Gary reveals what he considers to be the most vital tool to effective modern leadership, empowerment.

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