160 | Sales-Focused Live Chat and Messaging with Chris Douglas and Michael Foltz


Hoperator is a sales and messaging platform designed to help travel and hospitality businesses increase revenue, provide customer service and build guest intelligence by connecting with their potential customers and guests in their preferred messaging channel.

Chris Douglas – CEO/Cofounder
Prior to cofounding Hoperator, Chris built a career in advertising as a creative. During this time he managed creative and digital teams to develop digital campaigns and digital products for some of the world’s largest brands. His experience spans brand building, user experience, product development and digital strategy. He also holds a patent for a social gaming application.

Michael Foltz – CTO/Cofounder
Besides being an accomplished software architect, Michael owned and managed a group of award-winning hostels in Poland. During this time, he led the development of their own property management software that they licensed to other accommodations. With Hoperator, Michael combines his experience as a technologist with his passion for the travel and hospitality industry.

In This Episode, Chris and Michael Reveal:

  • The vision behind Hoperator, the problem they’re solving, and who you serve.
  • A few business cases for how their customers are using the platform, and how easy it is to use.
  • How Hoperator integrates within the existing technology infrastructure at the property, whether integration required, and whether the platform is app-based, web based or both.
  • The cost for their services.

Wanna learn how messaging can drive revenue for hotels? This is the first in a series of Hoperator reports to come where they analyze data from their platform, share how Hoperator is being used and the opportunities it creates for hoteliers. This version of the report is exclusive to Lodging Leaders listeners.

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How Sales-Focused Live Chat and Messaging Drives Revenue.

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