161 | Going from Zero to Speech with Jeff Craven


Jeff Craven is a self-described copywriter, speechwriter and presentation whisperer. He is the President of Thoughtcraft LLC, a communications company that serves senior executives, consultants and business advisors.

In This Episode, Jeff Reveals:

The speech writing process he used while helping me prepare for my recent talk at the Vesta Hospitality Annual Meeting, including:

  • Setting the experience of the event – The where and why, aligning or complimenting your speech with what your audience expects from that event.
  • Setting the tone of the Speech – Will it be big concepts, vision and inspiration, educational or workshoppy, or reflective and encouraging.
  • Setting the feedback from the audience – When you’re done talking, what feedback do you want to hear from the audience.
  • Setting your topic – Let your audience’s shared interest guide you. Take a page from their diary so you capture their attention.
  • Setting your unique Point of View – Focus on the kind of experience your audience expects, and what you can do if you’re not sure what it is.

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