165 | Monetize Room Downtime and Improve Guest Experiences with Yannis Moati


Yannis Moati is CEO & Founder of Hotels By Day, the premier provider of day-stay hotel spaces in the United States.

Yannis has nearly two decades of experience in travel, from guiding tours in Europe at a young age, to co-founding an exotic travel agency, to directing a New York-based global tour operator company. Having witnessed first-hand the important customer behavioral shifts of the ‘on-demand’ economy, Yannis realized that something could be done in boosting hotel revenues by selling un-committed inventory for the day.

And that’s the vision behind Hotels by Day – an innovative solution for both guests and hotels to seamlessly process & monetize flexible room inventory. Priced at a discount from a typical overnight, rooms booked on HotelsByDay give their guests flexibility, comfort, and a space of their own—by day, with all the amenities of a hotel, so their guests can relax, recharge & be productive anywhere.

In This Episode, Yannis Reveals …

  • The vision behind Hotels By Day, the problem they’re solving and who they serve.
  • How the service works, from hoteliers signing up for the HBD channel, to guests booking a day-stay.
  • We talk about some of the common objections hoteliers have to offering day rates, including whether or not Brand will approve selling day rooms, whether rate parity is an issue, and whether or not offering day rates could attract the wrong type of business or clientele.
  • And, you know I’m going to ask the cost for their service and whether there are any contracts to sign.

The Hotels By Day team prepared a free 11-page download for listeners that want to learn more about this valuable channel.

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