166 | Create a Moment of Truth with Quentin McElveen


Quentin McElveen is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, and holds a B.S. degree in Hospitality Management. He is a passionate Hotel Operations Manager who has excelled in several positions within full-service and select-service hotels. He believes that employee empowerment and communication is important to the success of hotels. As Quentin thrives in his career, he often encourages others to think big and follow their dreams, despite all challenges. Quentin’s dream is to become an owner of hotels.

In This Episode, Quentin Reveals …

  • His hospitality journey and why he chose hospitality as a career.
  • A couple fun strategies he uses to create what he calls a moment of truth with a guest.
  • A time he dealt with a difficult guest, and what he did to make it right.
  • How he establishes a good connection with his team, how he handled a difficult employee one time, and what he’s done to overcome labor challenges in his market.
  • Some actionable advice for college students looking to pursue a career in the hotel industry.

Resources & Links

Quentin McElveen

  • Email: mcelveeq@gmail.com
  • LinkedIn
  • Phone: +1 (843) 992-4320
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